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Be your Selfie: Capturing Authenticity During Resolution Season


Gym selfies, diet selfies, resolution selfies, they all serve one purpose: to let the whole world know that we are taking our resolutions seriously. We cross-post our artfully plated meals and sweatless spandexed bodies and caption them with a vague description alluding to our supposed progress.

Ok. Slow Down.

If you have an authentic dual dedication to both your goals and the masterfully crafted social media evidence of said goals, awesome! Gold Star for you.

As for the rest of us, let’s be honest with ourselves for just a moment, is it possible that all this resolution spam we are pumping out might just be exaggerating our dedication? Or worse, have we generated an illusion to distract from all the progress we  aren’t making?


It is all too easy to get caught up in the trend winds of resolution season, but when week three ( or day three, for some of us) rolls around, staying motivated through social media can feel like navigating an ocean storm in an inflatable tube. It is all too easy to get sucked in and never surface.

Here’s the deal. People want to see other people failing. And trying. and failing again and again until they miraculously succeed. That is what we are into. Strings of effortless success tends to piss us off. We can all attest to the isolating sense of inferiority or disdain after scrolling through instagram #Getfit profiles for too long. And what’s more, the sudden obligation to only post equally intimidating images to prove our own job well done.  According to a study in The Evolutionary Psychology of Envy, we are actually hardwired to react in this way. It allows us to gauge where we stand.

So, here’s an idea, why don’t we shift the bar? Instead of hyper-editing our gym selfies, let’s soak in the feeling of progress. Post, don’t post, whatever. Either way, sharing you, in all your struggling, sweaty, human challenges is far more uplifting than a dozen carefully curated photos indicating an already perfect lifestyle.

So in the midst of all this resolution racing, remember to stop once and a while and consider, am I living up to the image I am portraying?

Embrace you.  #BeYourSelfie.

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