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Breaking Down Basic



The internet is flooded with angry accusations of “stereotypical white girls”  who do not “affect change.” We delight in the memes and insulting lingo surrounding this unoriginal way of being we call Basic, but what is the main element of Basic that truly has people seething?

At the heart of the Basic Bitch is the passive accumulation of “unoriginal” or “mainstream” thoughts and materials, which is wildly unappealing to the self-proclaimed movers and shakers of the Generation Me population. The interests of Basic’s are not offensive as much as they are a representation of mainstream culture.

It appears that while being self-proclaimed trendsetters, we have deemed ourselves qualified to criticize anyone who opposes highly individualistic sub group of Generation Me. Newsflash, that is absurd. So why do Basic Bitches and their lack of individuality upset us at a cellular level?  It just might be that we see a bit of our ourselves in Basic behavior.

It is understood that the Millennial desire to be individualistic is rooted in our collective strive for self actualization: everything we consume, from books to brews,  is done to better ourselves. As Millennials we exhaust our time and resources crafting these seemingly authentic identities in an effort to be better, smarter, and more unique than the generations before us. So it makes sense that Basic Bitches appear to pose a threat to Millennial goals.

However, the obsession over unique expression through materialism is arguably arbitrary, considering the speed with which trends are recycled. With that said, If supposedly self-actualizing individuals were to contemplate their singular actions, they might find that much of what they do is less about genuine authenticity, and more about curating a lifestyle to merely appear original. So, really, fear of Basics is hypocrisy.

What is “in” now has been “in” before, and what is uncool will weave its way back into popular demand, more likely by way of irony. So chew on that a moment, hipsters.The Basic Bitch is an organic archetype of what is trending, what is mainstream. And this information is, therefore, a significant representation of our culture. Whether we embrace it or reject it, we are all more unoriginal than we realize.

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